Tips to Hire an Architectural Designer

Know what you want- Before you hire an architect it is essential that you have your thought and ideas arranged about what you want. Decide whether you will be doing some portion of the work or assign the architect for doing everything. If you will be doing some part, then decide how much of the work you will be doing and to what extent you desire the architect's involvement. Making lists of what you want, your priorities, and pulling out images of what you like and dislike will be incredibly helpful for you and the designer.
Ask for recommendations- Ask friends and relatives who have hired architects in the past whether they were satisfied with his/ her work. Ask for candid feedback. You can visit the project site and see the finished product for yourself. Also ask whether any problem had arisen during the project and how that was handled.
Check online- You can also search online for architects. Check out the websites of the architectural firm. See if they have displayed photos of their previous finished project. Make a list and narrow it down to a few who impress you.
Visit the architects- Prepare some questions when you go to an architect. Some questions you can ask are: what's his working method? How he/ she will establish his priorities and make decisions? Will he be amenable to your thoughts and instructions? If any problems arise how is it going to be handled? The answers should satisfy your queries. If you don't understand something, ask for explanations.
Check the architect's experience- Consider the architect's experience, how long he has been working in the field. Consider your project type and complexity and ask whether the architect is compatible with it.
Verify document- Verify the architect's licensing, insurance and other credentials. If you are not very confident verifying them, hire professionals to check them on your behalf.
Make your budget known- Sometimes the fee of the architect is based on a percentage of your budget. It can be fixed flat fee, hourly, or can be based on the final construction cost. Be transparent to the architect about your budget. Sometimes the architect's fee includes additional charges for 3D models, travel, overtime, materials, and changes in the original design. The architect may also charge a retainer (similar to a down payment) at the beginning of the project. Ask every detail beforehand so that they do not later surprise you.

Most architects today use 3D visualization in their projects. With 3D visualization, the architect can show the exact image of the finished product to you. You can see your final project from every angle and corner. If there is something which you find displeasing or flawed, you can ask the architect to modify them.

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