Executive Suites Bring Flexibility to Your Office Floor Plan

Settling on a new commercial space for lease is a daunting process. After you and your moving team have finalized a space and design strategy for your business and conducted a lengthy search for the best space, there is still a long haggling process between lawyers as the final price is hashed out. Then, once that is said and done, your business is now chained to a space for five or ten years. Who knows to what extent the economy, real estate market, or your own business could change during that time? Consider where your business is now and the growth expected over the next few years. Is such a lengthy commitment best for the company? Where can your business turn for more and better options?

Executive suites allow companies expand into pre-designed spaces that meet their needs. An executive suite rental is a short-term, pay-as-you-go system that offers furnished offices, meeting rooms, and work spaces for growing businesses. This is especially a great option for new businesses that are just starting out because all services are provided for you at a flat rate. Instead of pouring a large amount of money and time into a commercial lease, office design strategies, and bid haggling on movers and IT staff, a business can simply rent an executive suite at a fixed price and actually focus on what's important-running the business. Then, when your company does have increased success and needs to expand, it is easy to end the current rental agreement and move into a larger executive suite that better fits your new needs.

And don't think just because you've turned over the office design reins to a commercial property owner that you won't have a choice when it comes to aesthetics. Many property owners that rent executive suites have a number of locations in a single area, allowing for plenty of choices when it comes to office design. You may even be able to arrange for some modern updates to the space before moving in, if you don't mind paying a bit extra to give the space a personal touch.

The main benefit of this flexible system is that it matches the changing nature of the economy, giving your business the flexibility to react accordingly should a sudden shift occur. For example, will real estate prices rise or fall this month? With the executive suite rental system, if your business finds a better deal, it can easily leave the current space and actually take advantage of a great opportunity.

There are a number of other options for short-term commercial rentals, from virtual offices to hourly-rented meeting spaces, and more. These many options, offered by a number of commercial property owners, are meant to give your business the flexibility it would not otherwise have. With that added flexibility, your business can cope with any surprises that come its way at a price that won't break the bank.
Isn't it nice for once to have some stability in your office relocation?

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