Exclusions in Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Architectural CAD drafting services are the output of an independent unit that drafts Architectural drawings as a specialized service. Segregating Architectural CAD drafting services came from the need for focus.

Measurements An Architectural CAD drafting services firm would not assume a dimension which is either missing or not clear. Such dimensions are not interpreted, assumed or measured unless specifically asked. Here are some reasons:

A wrong dimension can have a huge impact on the design intent whether it be the slope of a floor, the size of a room or the aesthetics of the building Will cause a lot of rework when discovered at a late stage and take the project months behind An error in the architectural drawing has a cascading effect on all related service drawings Measurement needs a different skill set, normally employed by a focused drafting serviceThe best 2 rules to follow when a dimension is not clear are: Do not assume When in doubt, leave it out, and askDesigning The raison d'ĂȘtre of an drafting service is to leave the designers freedom to design and create. So, accepting designing pretty much defeats the intent of hiring a focused drafting service. At the same time, at every stage of the project there is design. Every drawing made opens a new line of vision, every sectioned detailed out is food for thought and fodder for the designer. In this background, when the client and the drafting service have reached a level of comfort, Design interpretation, does get done, though subject to the designer's final approval.Direct interaction with external parties Direct dealing by the architectural CAD service with the client, service consultants, manufacturers or end users is not recommended. Let's see whyIn design, it is critical that there must be a Single Point of Communication (SPOC) for all decisions. Ultimately, despite the plethora of inputs from multi sources, there is one brain processing that information and delivering the design There are some experts who believe that the SPOC system creates a bottleneck in process flow. While the debate continues, one of the outcomes of crossed communications could be lack of accountability and direction. Data collection During CAD documentation, at times data might be needed from the Internet or Reference books, like standards or codes. These are also excluded from the scope of architectural CAD services becauseInternet data cannot be trusted Interpretation and application of data varies Standards and codes applied to a project must be current. Every website does not necessarily have the latest update all the time

Conclusively it is important to mention that these are services normally excluded from the scope of drafting service. This article does not deem to restrict or dictate these exclusions in the reader's agreements with architectural CAD service firms. In fact, questioning a norm is the starting point of change.

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