Day-To-Day Tasks of an Architect

Thinking about building a home or renovating your property? Not everyone has an eye for design and even fewer people follow theirs into architecture as a career path.

Creating building plans and innovating residential and commercial property ideas isn't easy. Architecture requires years of study and accurate knowledge of codes and practices. Their time isn't all spent designing and drawing though - there are a lot of reports and analysis to go over for each project, law reviewing and budgeting to make sure they're working within the correct parameters.

If you're considering architecture as a career or you are planning to work with an architect soon for your next building project, you might be interested to know how they spend their day.

Designing with Software

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting programs have replaced pencils and paper as the standard tools of the trade for architects. A lot of the day is spent adjusting minute details of a draft, shaping walls and adjusting to stay within a client's budget. Every draft is revised several times by engineers and contractors to ensure it is feasible and within their abilities to complete the job.

Overseeing Projects

Regular trips to job sites and consultations with existing clients and contractors are common daily tasks for many architects - especially those who work in larger firms. An architect will visit building sites and see his or her designs coming to life, elaborate on small details in the draft and liaison between construction crews and the client.

Extra Responsibilities

The amount of responsibility that an architect is given usually depends on the client. While the obvious task of building design is the main aspect of the job, many clients will ask for their architect to stay on as a project manager or to oversee construction to ensure that everything goes to plan.

Sometimes architects will even go as far to arrange construction themselves, coordinating contractors and using their contacts in the industry to take a building project from the initial stages all the way through to completion.

Architectural work isn't all drawing plans - there are plenty of other tasks that need to be taken care of in a day's work. With more and more responsibility in general being shifted from the client to their architect, more and more time is spent in a management role. With extensive experience on job sites and the best knowledge of what a project requires, there is nobody better to have spearheading your build.

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