The Interior Lighting of Most Modern Homes Inconsistent With Next Generation HD TVs

As a designer of sorts, mostly high-tech futuristic concepts, I often see flaws in the designs of others. Sometimes I chock it off to laziness or a lack of sense of purpose for the innovator, perhaps they just don't much care, and good enough is well, good enough for them, still for me, it's just not that way. No, I am not the proverbial mentally challenged perfectionist, rather I just don't like to look at a half-assed effort, maybe you agree? Or, maybe you don't and you understand that the designer, engineer, or innovator is just doing his or her job and they aren't really paid to think beyond that.

Well, they should, and when they don't, yes, you guessed it, we all have to live with the results, and I ask; where is the fairness to the user in that level of mediocrity? One pet peeve of mine, perhaps something which bothers me most is to look at a brand-new home which hasn't taken into consideration the fact that there will be future television technology coming along in subsequent generations of the virtual-reality high-definition living room. Just look at any current home, and realize the lighting is all wrong for a large flat panel screen of 50 or more inches.

Next consider how often this technology changes. Five years ago, there were very few flat panel screens of that size, and then came the LCD, and then the LED screens, and next will be the super high definition screens, they are showing up on the shelves right now. Right after that, after everyone has purchased one of those items in various sizes for their living room and all the rooms in their house, then next we will see the holographic projection televisions. Indeed, some of these systems will be surround-a-view systems where all the walls and the ceiling will become part of the experience.

Does that mean we should give a break to designers in the present period? After all, how will they know what the future might bring in the way of technology, and how might they know how to effectively light the room? Well, they can't know if we don't tell them, hence the reason for this particular article number 28,860 but I digress.

You see, what I am explaining, well, that is the future which is coming forth and it will be here in 5 to 10 years, you can bet on it. So, shouldn't we start thinking about that today, and expect our designers and interior architects to consider all of this?

Too many mistakes have been made in the past, obvious mistakes, as we watch these technologies come forward. It seems a shame to go into a brand-new home and see that the lighting is incorrect, or the layout with all the sockets, ceiling fans, and lights are all wrong for those who will spend countless hours in their living room watching multimedia and movies on their large flat-panel TV. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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