3 Aspects To Consider When Designing Your Restaurant

The utmost care should be taken when considering the design of a new restaurant or redesigning an existing one. You may have an excellent business plan and the best chef and staff in the world but unless your restaurant has been furnished according to your customer's needs and tastes then you will not be open for business very long. Of course, if you are catering for a very young and hip crowd as opposed to an older sedate customer the design will vary but the aim should still be the same to create an enjoyable and relaxing environment where customers can enjoy good food and a good ambience. Here are a few things to consider.

Consider the colour- Despite blue being a very popular colour it is not considered to be a good colour for a restaurant as it is deemed the least appetising out of all the colours. Colours that are considered to be more appetite inducing are red and orange, brown and green.

For the Love of Lighting- Hopefully you will have a good source of natural light that will be delightful during day time dining but you will also of course have to consider lighting fixtures that aid the natural light during the day but adapt for the evening dining too. Ambience can be created by using wall lights and up lights can create dramatic shadows and character. LED lights around a bar can be striking and coloured lights can inject fun into a themed restaurant. Low lighting is generally considered the best but don't have it so low that people can't see their fabulous meals properly.

Tantalizing Tables and Chairs-You want furnishings that reflect the personality of the restaurant and are pleasing to the eye but remember to consider that they need to be both stylish as well as comfortable. There are many types of seating available such as booths, stools, sofas or chairs and a multitude of materials and styles too. When choosing such furnishings first think about the size of your restaurant and although you will want to maximise the seating you also need to consider the flow between the diners and the kitchen as this needs to be nice and clear. Also think about how easy they will be to clean. Furnishings with lots of crevices are not wipe down friendly! To find commercial standard and stylish furniture it may be best to consult a good furniture directory. Most architects and designers use these for inspiration as well as for purchasing items.

No matter what your budget is, bearing in mind the power of colour, the effect of lighting and the suitability of furniture for the space you have available, you can dramatically change the experience of the visitors to your restaurant. Look at other restaurants and furniture directories for inspiration and if you try to inject some personality as well as functionality into your restaurant then you will be on to a sure winner!

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