How Are Quality Checks Different for Architectural PDF to CAD Conversion?

Quality, perhaps a four letter word for the creative side of the AEC world, is definitely a 7 letter word for the production-oriented side of architectural CAD drafting services. Zero error output is at the heart of such a firm's survival, and Quality Assurance plays a key role in ensuring that. Architectural PDF to CAD conversion is a further specialization within this industry, borne of the almost imperative need to digitize any premises for it to be sold, leased, altered or even valued. This write up looks at how quality checks for architectural PDF to CAD conversion differ from those of regular drawings.

Intent & Source A regular CAD drawing is mostly a step between 2 stages of design and documentation. Like an SD being made to a DD, or a DD to a CD.An architectural PDF to CAD conversion however, would be the first step. It would lead to the beginning of an alteration, a Tenant Improvement, an interior, or even a demolition. The source of the architectural PDF to CAD conversion has a possibility of error in itself! The error could come from a bad scan, faded paper, or, plain simple, the source drawing being erroneous.

UNDERSTOOD. SO WHERE IS THE DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY ASSURANCE? The first difference is understanding how important the truth is for the end user, in an architectural PDF to CAD conversion, and how 100% fidelity is not possible. The key, then, is (a) Identifying grey areas: dimensions not clear, totals not adding up, doubt on the material used, etc. (b) highlighting these grey areas, both in the drawing as well as in writing

The second is in proofing.

This must happen in 2 stages: 1. Dumb proofing:

Since most architectural PDF to CAD conversion jobs happen in overseas, the drafter might not know the construction technology. Again, the source drawing could be many decades old, so, frankly, even the client is in the dark what's actually in there! In dumb proofing the rule to be followed is: Do not assume. Because: ASSUME = ASS+U+ME This also holds true in the case of names. How often do we call someone called Daniel expecting a man's voice, and shocked to meet the contrary. Reading again, we see the name really was Daniela!

2. Expert proofing:

A person experienced in the drawing types being converted, guesses out the grey areas. But ensures he documents his 'guesses', once again, both in the drawing as well as in writing Difference lays not only in what we do, but also what we omit. One Quality check we must do in regular CAD drawings is not done in architectural PDF to CAD conversion. And that is cross referencing, for example:

(a) matching tags with other drawings (b) X refs, except title blocks (c) hyperlinks, if any being a first stage, architectural PDF to CAD conversion services must meet the prime objective of creating a true representation of fact, before any intelligence is added.

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