Goods Lifts in Commercial Premises

Many of today's retail and leisure facilities do not always have the available space for sales and stock storage all on the same floor. In these instances, the stock room is generally on a lower floor or in the case of some shopping centres, a considerable distance away from the store. In these instances, staff require assistance in moving the stock onto the shop floor in an easy and efficient way. One of the best ways to do so is with the use of goods lifts.

If your retail space doesn't currently have a goods lift in place, then you might think that it's a considerable expense to have one fitted. However, there is now a range of different lifts that can fit into all types of spaces and can be extremely cost efficient. If you consider the price of the lift over the whole of its lifetime, compared with the amount of time your staff will save, then you are actually getting value for money.

Why Do I Need a Lift?
There are all kinds of reasons why installing a goods lift would make practical sense for your business. Health and safety regulations limit the amount of weight any one member of staff can carry by themselves, so having a lift means that they can transport goods safely and easily. Reducing the amount of lifting also makes for a more efficient workforce, as they are less likely to need time off sick. If your stock room is on a different floor or in another part of the building, then being able to use a lift makes it quicker to transport stock.

What Type of Lift Do I Need?
As with passenger lifts, goods lifts vary in size and the maximum load they can carry. The requirements of your store will affect the type of lift you have installed. There's no point going for an expensive lift that can carry 2 tonnes at a time if your stock is relatively light. You should also look into where and how the lift will be fitted. Some of the lifts designed for heavier loads may require structural changes to the building. If this is the case, you may need to get approval from your landlord and consider the cost implications if you were to then move premises. There are also simpler lifts available that are designed for lighter loads, so you should consider your needs first before committing to anything.

Goods lifts are a flexible and reliable method of transporting stock. Whether you own a retail outlet, hotel, restaurant or factory, installing a lift will bring considerable benefits to your business. They can be a cost-effective investment and will certainly be appreciated by your employees.

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