Bourbon and Beefsteak Design - A New Hotel Saturated With Vitality

The Bourbon and Beefsteak was a lively fixture of King's Cross in Sydney before closing its doors in 2010. Now this cherished piece of Sydney history is slated to open its doors again, thanks to the investment of Christopher Cheung of the Coogee Bay Hotel. Not a simple restoration, the new Bourbon and Beefsteak design is a complete reinvention of The Bourbon. A fresh, contemporary design will transform The Bourbon into a dining and entertainment destination of unforgettable luxury.

First opened in 1967 by U.S. Air Force veteran Bernie Houghton, The Bourbon originally catered to soldiers on leave during the Vietnam War. The Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar and Restaurant, as it was then called, was designed to satisfy the needs of men enduring the rigors of war far from home. Host to celebrities, visiting U.S. government officials, tourists and local residents, The Bourbon provided countless guests with a place to relax with dancing and drinks in a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

The Bourbon's original interior was populated with a large, eclectic mix of memorabilia and Americana, from helmets and uniformed mannequins to a jukebox and Native American headdress. This decor, along with The Bourbon's familiar French colonial architecture, provided a sense of comfort to visiting American soldiers. In addition to appealing to American visitors, The Bourbon's distinctive French colonial design brought a dramatic taste of New Orleans style to King's Cross.

For decades, The Bourbon enjoyed a successful, vibrant life in King's Cross. As a deeply rooted and internationally known piece of the city's history, The Bourbon was a well known and beloved landmark until a roof collapse forced its closure. The reinvention and revival of The Bourbon promises to capture the enormous success and lively spirit of the original while updating the design to reflect contemporary trends. This modern take on a successful classic will allow the Bourbon to become one of Sydney's newest entertainment hot spots.

A dynamic fusion of existing and modern elements will breathe new life into The Bourbon. The original French colonial facade will remain to act as a foundation for the new design, allowing the venue to retain the classical beauty for which The Bourbon has long been known. New interiors inspired by the styles and trends of New York promise a luxurious atmosphere of elegant sophistication. This innovative, fresh approach to the Bourbon and Beefsteak design will offer guests an authentic experience of approachable luxury.

With this dramatic transformation, The Bourbon will once again become a lively presence in King's Cross. Timeless and exciting, the Bourbon and Beefsteak design promises to continue the site's long history of success, drawing guests from around the world and infusing King's Cross with new energy. With The Bourbon's rebirth, an exciting new chapter of Sydney's history will begin. Sydney eagerly awaits the unveiling of The Bourbon's new design, holding on to memories of days gone by while looking to the future and the cherished memories to come.

Paul Kelly

Be prepared to visit The Bourbon in the near future just to admire the design. Go to to view a very realistic impression of the Hotel.

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