What Do I Like To Do Business Concepts - I Like Interior Design

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks and I was talking to a young gal who was taking photography courses at the local college. She was going after her prerequisite classes so she could start her degree program. I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, and she said she would like to do something in the art world, become an artist, or perhaps an interior designer. She realized that she didn't have enough experience to get a job right now doing something like this, and she would need to get a degree to get on with one of the larger firms in our area.

Indeed, I thought this was quite noble because she was seeking a career in something that she enjoys and has passion for. Good for her. I wondered if she should start her own business in the interior design profession, but she did indicate to me that the competition was tough, and it would be difficult to build a customer base when she didn't have any referrals coming in, and no clients willing to pay her money. Still, it is my contention that you should do something you have passion for, and if you do chances are the money will follow, provided you are doing most things correctly in your own small business.

Let's say you like to do interior decorating, and make everything look perfect. Maybe you have one of those perfect eyes for detail, good spatial reasoning, and perhaps you are a little compulsive and obsessive need for perfection. If so, being an interior designer and pursuing that profession might be right up your alley. Consider if you will your options;

1.) Interior Business Design
2.) Real Estate Home Staging
3.) Interior Decorating and Design
4.) Architectural Consulting and Interior Design
5.) Retail Marketing Displays and Branding Programs

Do you see yourself doing any of those things? These are all solo professional type small businesses that you can start, build, and in the process you will be doing something you love, something you're good at, and of course the most important thing; something you have passion for. You should ask yourself; "what do I like to do?" And if your answer is interior design, then why not look into some of these things, maybe this is your future career and it might make a great entrepreneurial business for you. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Small Business Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank; http://www.worldthinktank.net/

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