Top Office Design Trends of Right Now

Moving your business to a new office space can be an opportunity to create a work environment that reflects current ideas, trends, and innovations. You don't have to spend a lot of money or fall prey to short-lived fads, but incorporating the latest design concepts can revitalize your space, impress visitors, and attract new talent to your company. Check out these 5 design tips now trending:

1. The very open workspace. Relocating businesses can take inspiration from collaborative floor plans that allow creativity to flow. On the extreme side is the contemporary space with no closed perimeter offices, where workstations are clustered out in the open. If privacy is your thing, you can still opt for plenty of communal spaces that allow workers to gather. One thing office space experts are emphasizing: the fewer walls, the better.

2. The eco-friendly workspace. There's more to the green workspace than a recycling bin in the break room. Office design is an area where environmentally-conscious practices and products shine. Green paints reduce harmful emissions, while skylights and other sources of natural light brighten your office and reduce energy use. In fact, some of today's hottest office products and trends are good for the earth. (See Natural Materials).

3. Citrus colors. Tangerine, lime, and similar shades energize and invigorate workers. If these hues are too bold for your walls, try to incorporate brightly-colored upholstery, art, and signage. Office color trends may be fleeting, but citrus accents should stay fresh for years to come.

4. Natural materials. Think hardwood or bamboo floors, earthy wall coverings, corkboard, and more. Bringing the outside in is the goal of many forward-thinking interior designers today. (Glass walls are great for this.) Plus, naturally-sourced, sustainable materials can be a green option for environmentally-conscious companies.

5. Glass walls. Forget thick drywall, which keeps natural light from flowing through a workspace. Frosted glass can add a little privacy while still letting in the sunlight. The best part: natural light keeps workers happy and healthy.

Whether you're searching for a new office space or renovating your current location, an office makeover can give your company a fresh face and a new start. The key is to share your goals with your office design team early on so you'll have time to implement the projects you had in mind. With some creativity and enough planning in advance, companies can customize their new office space to reflect changing brand identity, employee needs, and the latest innovations in the marketplace. is a great resource for office design tips, office moving checklists, and other helpful info. You can even get free quotes from vendors of office design products, services, and more.

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