The Advantages to Using Stainless Steel

Have you ever observed media coverage on infamous international hotels and restaurants? I am referring to the type of coverage that gives you a tour of the beautifully designed facilities and shows why specific materials are chosen. It provides the audience with an inside glimpse of the workings behind these successful, masterful businesses. They discuss hygienic and cost-effective decisions being the driving force behind why particular metals are used, especially stainless steel. Today I am going to share with you a brief summary of this coverage as it relates to the advantages of using stainless steel for commercial and home usage.

Perfect for Kitchens
Stainless steel is a resilient, 100% recyclable, hygienic material making it a popular choice for commercial and home kitchens alike. It has a universal appeal that works with modern, sleek-looking kitchens while providing a non-contamination working zone. Utensils, appliances, flat surfaces and back splashes ensuring longevity and corrosion-resistant traits are produced from this type of steel. It prevents food contamination from occurring while keeping everything aesthetically appealing. It is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance and/or upkeep costs. These advantages alone make it an ideal choice for commercial and home kitchens.

Made in the USA
Steel buildings created, shaped and molded some of America's most iconic monuments that are still standing today, such as the Empire State Building. It was designed by architects who were determined to manufacture New York City's tallest building. However, these experts were confused on what type of metal should be used. Iron was too heavy to hold up such a tall structure so experimenting with different metals was required. Overtime, it became clear that steel was the premiere selection. It was lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant making it a perfect material for this spectacular building. These are the exact reasons why building designers and architects today choose this exact type of steel as their preferred metal.

Offers Adaptability
It is tough to find a material that does not falter under harsh temperatures and extreme settings while remaining functional and aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel fulfills all of these requirements and more. It is a stylish material that no longer portrays a sterile, cold environment. Long gone are those days where steel is solely used for hospitals and food processing plants. Today, this type of metal comes in different finishes and colors making it easily adaptable to any commercial or home space.

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