Main Street Parking Concept - Design the City With a Car Carousel Scheme

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea of driving your car onto a train, just as you might drive into a parking structure, and then parking your car. And letting the train drive you to your location, and then driving your car off onto the loading ramp and into the city were ever your intended destination was. Interestingly enough, a company called TTX owns tens of thousands of rail cars that are three stories high and they ship all the new cars for all the automobile manufacturers to the ports so they can be loaded on ships and sent all over the world.

They also take cars from all over the world which are offloaded from ships and deliver them to all the dealerships in our nation. We could use something like that. Each one of those railcars is 100 feet long and can easily hold 12 modern automobiles. 12 cars might have 20 people that go along with them, and each railcar could have a bathroom, some snack machines, it would be very similar to taking a ferry. Now then, with this same concept in mind could we have main streets in large Metro cities with some sort of a similar parking system? Let me explain this concept.

As you pull up to where you want to go, park your car, select on the meter how long you will be in the store, and then get out of your car, secure it, and walk away. There would be a rail going along the closest lane to where you parallel parked, which would come along grab your car, and take it around the back into a parking structure, or off to a side rail where would wait until it was time for you to come out again. When you went back to the parking meter you would simply press a button, and your car would be delivered back along that rail.

This would allow 10 or 12 or even 15 cars to park in the exact same spot, at the exact same parking meter, and the robotic mechanism on the rail would valet park their cars for them until they were needed again. It would alleviate all of the challenges with parking in the city, and it would solve endless other problems. If you'd like to discuss this further, or the concept of robotic parking structures with this sort of system built in conjunction with that methodology, then I hope you will please shoot me an e-mail so we can talk about it.

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