Interior Design and Function - Saving Money On LED Is One Thing, Making It Count Is Another

Far too often executives make decisions purely on costs rather than considering the loss of productivity, or the hassles they cause to the consumer or customer. One such example I'd like to cite at this point is the use of LED lighting. Indeed, it is very noble to save energy and money, as that is a wise thing to do. However if it is being done at the expense of productivity or if it is causing health issues in factories and office buildings then it needs to be entirely reconsidered. The color of the LED lighting, and the frequency which is used does affect the human bio system and brain - okay so let's talk shall we?

At the LED symposium for "Strategies in Light 2013" there will be several workshops, in workshop number four they will discuss "Color Science for Lighting" and in workshop six "Human Factors for Lighting and Design" where they will discuss some of these issues. Now then, let me ask you a question; have you ever been to a Wal-Mart store and noticed that your mood had changed after entering the store and walking around within just a few minutes? There is a reason for this, and the lighting definitely has something to do with it.

In McDonald's stores they used to have unpleasing bright colors for the chairs in the lobby. This caused the tables to turn faster so that they could serve more guests in a very short time period during the lunch rush hour or morning breakfast rush. Many corporations use elevator music, pastel colors, and special lighting for increased productivity and mood enhancement. Many smaller companies are unsure of these things, and they don't use these tricks of the trade when it comes to lighting, but they should.

Many small business people put in LED lighting to save money on the electricity bill and for that I say; good for them, as it's environmentally friendly smart thing to do. But it is not so smart if it is challenging the immune system of your employees, or challenging the psychological composure of your customers. You want your customers to be in an upbeat and happy mood, and the human bio system throughout its evolution has become rather fond of UV light, as it comes from the sun. That is why that frequency of light is more pleasing to the eye than other types of lighting.

If you are saving money on your LED lighting, but customers are spending less time in your store because perhaps they feel uncomfortable, even if they don't even understand why, then you are losing sales. There are reasons why you should use soft lighting, LED lighting, neon lighting, or the regular UV lights. It all makes a difference, so maybe you should do some research before you go strictly LED just to save money. Saving money is great, but it shouldn't be the only imperative in making that decision. Please consider all this and think on it.

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