Exploring Interesting And Influential Architectural History

During the years of Queen Victoria's reign in Britain, the people prospered and the industrial revolution grew to be fantastic. The homes during this time also became evidence of prosperous times as well. Many types of home styles are considered to be akin to Victorian styles. Learn more about the style you would find most appealing.

The Gothic architectural styles became extremely popular in association with Victorian home construction. From around the middle of the 1700s up until the 1900s, the Gothic style became intricately incorporated in Britain home construction. The architectural inspirations derived from the Victorian era became molded together with Gothic design in a fantastic way.

Gothic styles became evident with distinguishing construction using masonry. Homes were built with pinnacles and turrets that were reminiscent of medieval castles. Lines were constructed in a vertical manner that brought about a sense of great heights. Stone carvings and statues were another important aspect of Gothic influence in home construction during this era. Homes were being built to be reminiscent of those medieval residences that were lining the streets near looming castles.

The Queen Anne look is a great reminder of Victorian styles, especially when those decorative designs became apparent in the 1870s in Britain. The Queen Anne appeal spread to the United States in the 1880s and has been growing ever since. Bright colors are an essential aspect of the Queen Anne style.

During the late 1800s, homes were sometimes painted with more than four colors. Porches were constructed in a wrap around fashion and detailed trim work became popular as exterior decorative appeal. Bright colors were also used to enhance the appeal of trims and unique textures.

Shingle styles began to grow in popularity in the late 1800s as well. This style allowed a more uniform, simple look using shingled areas as definitive borders. The homes with several smaller roofs on them were topped with appealing, decorative shingles. While the shingle style was more simple, it also hinted of the Queen Anne design through brightly colored roofing materials.

Victorian architecture made a huge impression when first introduced in Britain. Today, that same style has made headway into many countries and many homes. Learn more by visiting your local library about the kinds of architectural designs you can have added to your existing home. You may be surprised to learn how you could afford to turn your house into a showplace.

This article was posted by Geoffrey Livingston on behalf of Brad T Jones, a contractor in Alameda, California. Brad is known for his work in restoring Craftsman and Victorian style homes as part of his business as a general contractor.

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